Candy Club – August 2023

We continue forward.

Welp. Been a good while since our last Candy Club post. Not for a lack of effort, but if you’ve been following us on social media then you know how unpredictable the last few years have been for us. We are trying to get back to something more stable now. Thank you for all of your support as things have changed. Let’s get into what we have going on next.


You may have noticed, but we are on our new website finally! It has taken a long time and a lot of effort, but I was able to build our website myself and get it running. We are now on WordPress and I am very excited for what this can do for us. We have way more flexibility over our website and the content we host now. As I learn more about webhosting and the WordPress ins-and-outs, there may be occasional bugs or issues. I appreciate your patience in advance!

If you haven’t taken the time to look at all the new things on our new site, please take a look around. We have updated portfolio pages as well as an all new blog area. Our community sections are back open so feel free to join and comment on any posts you find interesting. We also are once again hosting our own shop on our website so you can shop without algorithms or ads. And speaking of our shop…


Our shop is back up and running! We unfortunately have sold out of some of our big items like our fanny packs, but we are working hard to get them back in stock.

We have big plans for new products coming soon. As you may know, we have been adding different house-made sewn items to our store like embroidered patches and dice bags. We are working on getting fabric of our print designs so we can bring an exciting new line-up of products to you. This means getting favorite items like our pencil pouches and fanny packs in all of our patterns, as well as brand new items like tote bags! These items are still in the early stages of development, but we will share updates as we have them.

Also on our upcoming product list are comics! Finally! We have several comics in the final planning stages with some in the early production phases. We are aiming to have at least one released by the end of the calendar year with the others following soon. As we can share more previews here, we will!

If you have looked at some of the portfolio pages closely, you might have noticed an unfamiliar artwork amongst them. I have been working on two new watercolor series this year. The Edible Mushrooms series has been received very well at events, thank you so much! The other new series has been mostly secretive until now. Introducing our new watercolor series, Animals of the East Asian Zodiac!

This is the second piece of the Zodiac series, the Ox.

For the Ox, I chose to represent a Mongolian Yak in the Mongolian Highlands.

I am working hard to finish this series in the first part of September. Once this series is complete, I will be adding individual prints of each as well as a compilation print of all twelve animals to our print lineup. We may also offer a calendar if there is enough interest as Lunar New Year approaches!

Speaking of prints, we have been accepted as an artist to inPRNT. We have several of our prints in stock there as well as print options we do not carry like metal prints! If you would like to check it out head over to our inPRNT store. [inPRNT SHOP LINK]

One final shop note is that we will be relaunching our crowdfunding campaign for Pride Ice Pops this month. While that campaign is active, our Pride Pop vinyl stickers and Rainbow enamel pin will be unavailable for purchase. You can still pledge for those items if you would like them, and they will ship with the campaign conclusion. For more info, let’s head to the next section.


Coming soon this month is our relaunch of our crowdfund campaign for more of our Pride Ice Pop enamel pins!

We have new goals and a new pledge system as we will be launching on BackerKit. We will be offering exclusive discounts on pins during the campaign so definitely pledge if you are interested in any of the designs. There will also be Early Bird discounted tiers and bonus freebies for the first 48 hours of the campaign! If you would like to be ready for the launch, add your email to our campaign page here:

As far as event appearances, we only have one more scheduled so far this year. We will be at Furry Migration in the Dealers Den on September 8 through 10. It has been several years since we have been in the Twin Cities, so we are excited to return!

There are more events that have not finished picking their vendors or even opened applications yet, so hopefully we will see you at more places this year. We will post updates as we know them!

Thank you so much for sticking by Caramel Comics through all of our life thrills and disasters. We truly could not be here without your support. It has been very difficult, but things seem to be finally turning around for the better. I hope so.

If you would like to help us out even more, support our BackerKit campaign when it launches, follow us on your social media of choice, or leave us a tip on our Ko-fi page. Every little bit matters and keeps us going. Don’t forget to subscribe so you get our exclusive Candy Club discount and be the first to know what is going on next!

See you next time!

– Rain

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