Product Design

Product Design

The artist at Caramel Comics, Carmen “Rain” E. Schwierking, designs for many different products with a range of purposes. From functional clothing and accessories to digital assets, they can create something for any product line. Diversity is one of the key concepts they design with; inclusivity is inspiring for projects and new merchandise!

  • – haori kimono jackets
  • – lanyards with safety breakaways
  • – washi tape
  • – vinyl decals
  • – interactive keychains
  • – pencil bags
  • – enamel pins
  • – digital wallpapers

Apparel and Accessories

Clothing, bags, lanyards – if it is functional and wearable, we can design it. Size inclusivity is always a priority in our designs; fashion is for everyone!


Washi tape and sticker designs are some of our most popular products. We have even more stationery items on the way soon!

Digital Assets

Emotes for communities, digital stickers for chatting, repeating patterns, wallpapers for monitors and mobile devices – if it is a digital asset, we can make it. We make all of our items the old-fashioned way, drawing them ourselves from our own ideas. No generative data imagery here!