Carmen “Rain”
E. Schwierking

Illustration • Product Design • Concept Art

Carmen is an artist and designer based in the Midwest of the United States.
Their work specializes in themes of nature, fantasy, identity, and pride.

Some highlights from our body of work:

A digital illustration of two player characters from the video game franchise Destiny. They are resting in a park in the Last City wearing casual clothing instead of armor. The Awoken Warlock is wearing a large ruffle collar long-sleeve shirt, brocade waistcoat, Bond of the Emperor's Minister, dress shorts, fishnet stockings, frilly tall socks, and high-top basketball shoes with Emperor Calus symbols. They are sitting on a brick half wall and blushing shyly. The Exo Titan is wearing a flannel long-sleeve button up with the sleeves rolled-up halfway, denim jeans, leather belt with a large Tex Mechanica belt buckle and two different handkerchiefs, purple and silver lamé, hanging off it, and leather biker boots with Tex Mechanica insignias. They are looking into the distance with a thoughtful expression. The guardian's ghosts are floating around their respective persons.
A digital painting of the final encounter in the raid Last Wish from the video game Destiny 2. The background has the defeated body of Riven being swarmed with Taken enemies. The enemies are trying to stop the six Guardians running towards the foreground using different weapons and powers. The sixth guardian is standing in Riven's open mouth holding her corrupted heart.
A digital illustration of Pokémon from the Pokémon franchise. They are hanging out together in a forest clearing by a river. A Hatterene is hiding in the trees, a Hatenna and Ditto are playing in the grass, a Hattrem is watching a Primarina sing in the river, and a Sylveon is trying to coax a Shiny Sylveon into the river to play. There is a Mew hidden in the tree tops watching the scene below.
A digital painting of the Ironwood Tree in the Tower from the video game Destiny 2. The painting shows the tree softly lit in the light of sunrise with wind blowing through the leaves and decorations. The Colonel is resting under the tree with some pigeons. In the background, Commander Zavala is overlooking the Last City with his ghost, Targe.

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Concept Art

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Carmen graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concentration in Drawing and Minor in Art History in 2015 from Ball State University.

Carmen has had work published in several zines and other projects. They have also presented their work in gallery shows. Carmen often shows and sells work at conventions around the USA.

Carmen is currently open for new work.

​For commercial work, send an email or a message.

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