Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do work for free?

A: Need a piece for a charity event or zine? Feel free to get in contact with me! I do not do personal commission work for free, however.

Q: Your price page says $XXX but you quoted $XXX. Why?

A: Prices vary on complexity and the terms.

Q: I really like your work but I can’t afford it… Help?

A: Send a commission form with your budget and I will try to work with you the best I can. If you want something for free, refer to question number one again.

Q: Can I use your art for NFTs/Cryptocurrency/AI art projects?

A: No. This is also not allowed as defined in my commission terms of service.

Q: What materials do you use?

A: I use watercolor, acrylic, and encaustic paints, ink, pens, charcoal, graphite, markers, and colored pencils for two-dimensional media. I also use digital drawing software. Currently my main ones are Clip Studio Paint and Krita. Crafts are made of wood, plastic, or fabrics. All media used in a certain work will be listed on its page or pop-up. If I missed something, feel free to ask!

Q: Why are you called “Caramel Comics”?

A: One of the nicknames I had growing up was Caramel since it sounds similarly to Carmen. When I started getting into illustration, I knew it would be the name to tie into my business.

Q: The name is “Caramel Comics.” Where are the comics?

A: There are many comics in the works. Comics take a long time to make! There should be some comics coming out it 2023. All announcements about comics will be posted on this website and social media. Stay tuned!

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