Black Cat Vinyl Stickers



Celebrate your love of black cats with these vinyl stickers! Unfortunately, you can’t bring actual kitties with you everywhere, but these stickers can go everywhere and stick to basically everything. These cats can be on your phone, laptop, bike, car, water bottle, or almost anything else that needs a furry touch.

Black cats have the lowest adoption rates across all breeds due to superstition. These stickers were created to help push back against the stigma and get the love of these fuzzy friends out there! The two stickers were based on our own black cats, Shy and Snowball, that we adopted from local shelters.

Adopt a friend today! #AdoptBlackCats

Each sticker is a 3 inch square vinyl sticker. With a flat seal and application, they should be water and fade resistant enough to last on things from cars to water bottles.

Because all digital screens are different, colors may vary in actual product from the listing photos.

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